Odyssey Business Park



Odyssey Business Park, Ruislip, Middlesex

THe Consultants performed a vital role for the cladding specialist by providing structural designs of the frame of this restaurant conservatory for British Airways.

Faceted elevations and roof profiles to exacting architectural dimensions prescribe the cladding zone. Displaced within this zone is the expressed structural steelwork frame that is carefully engineered to satisfy the three-dimensional considerations that are key to its satisfactory fabrication and erection. Architectural aesthetics for steelwork connections take pride of place as part of the expressed theme.

Structural investigations of specific areas of the existing restaurant provided vital information to validate initial assumptions of the scheme-design proposals.

Physical constraints on site would largely dictate the contractor's progress and the potential for site-storage was limited. Deliverable and manageable sections of steelwork were identified at an early stage in the detail-design development process to promote safe and efficient erection of the conservatory that is land-locked between the existing trading restaurant and an operational air-strip.

Total flexibility for the internal layout is a significant benefit from the configuration of the structure as it boasts a column-free interior in excess of 100m2.

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