Cabot Square



Cabot Square, London Docklands

Movement of staff between offices is non-productive time that has an impact on the running costs of an organisation. These ergonomic implications will be appreciably reduced when office staff can transit between their separate but juxtaposed buildings facilitated by this pedestrian link-bridge. Other advantages will naturally occur with this provision.

Unobtrusive fixing of the soffit cladding of the deck is a critical part of the client's requirements. We performed as consultant to the finishes contractor to develop a soffit cladding support system suspended from the bridge's interstructure to satisfy this requirement. An inclusive feature of the suspended system is its ability to support a concealed platform in the void between the normally trafficked deck and the soffit cladding. This platform will enable operatives to stand at a desirable level to conduct future maintenance work on services contained within the void.

The performance criteria of the system had to satisfy the detail requirements of the cladding, plus the various loading cases that could be imposed by the maintenance condition. A harmonious detailed design was accomplished by fully understanding the capabilities of the materials involved, and by pre-arranging certain ancillary members for the first-fix and second-fix stages of fitting the cladding.

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