'Meadowside', Gravesend, Kent

The countryside offers the potential for expansion of properties with less impact on the environment that might otherwise result from development within urban areas. Our clients have taken a period mansion in this rural setting and both extended and transformed it into a spacious luxury home, with major structural modifications along the way.

Whilst our clients' brief was exacting it was not inflexible since the structural designs had to consider details such as existing basements, existing foundations, existing aged and fragile brickwork, proposed grandiose wide-span main hall roof structure and ceiling levels to match the thin existing overall roof structure, and repositioning of an existing roof-mounted landmark feature.

THe Consultants produced practical working designs and construction details for the underpinning and strengthening of foundations, incorporation of concealed strengthening timbers and steelwork within the fabric of the superstructure, and conceptualising the configuration and construction method of the wide centre-span flat roof over the grandiose entrance hall.

Throughout the design stage, we worked closely with the project architect to ensure that fully co-ordinated details were generated before presentation to the clients and the contractor.

During the construction stage, we were available to visit site whenever the need arose to review expected and unexpected details exposed during progress of the works, and to make recommendations for the appropriate courses of action for temporary supports and long-term repairs or permanent replacements.

Consideration was given to the careful detailing and phasing of the works since the clients remained in occupation and their safety was of paramount importance although this importance was parallel with their needs of expeditiously progressing the construction works.

Once the fitting-out and finishing stages were well in-hand, the few remaining structural items were of lower risk, and the aesthetic charm and physical presence of the property could begin to be appreciated.

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