Riverside House


Structural Survey Case Study

Riverside House, Shoreham, Kent

Maintenance of the structure of properties is an aspect that is sometimes given second place to fixtures, fittings and general decoration. In most cases, structural defects manifest themselves at a late stage after prolonged lack of maintenance when the significance becomes great.

These beams are part of a soffit of a filler-joist construction that forms the ceiling of a defunct boiler room in a cellar. This construction also provides support to the main rear elevation of the three-storey property. The clock had been ticking for a long time before THe Consultants was appointed to investigate the present condition and make recommendations for the cost-effective repairs.

All of the exposed profiles of the steel are corroded. The half-thickness of the majority of the bottom flanges have suffered from full lamination. Significant deflections of the steels are evident. In theory the beams should have failed. Fortunately there is no apparent sign of distress caused to the supported rear elevation of the property so the intervention is not a complete last resort.

After conducting a detailed inspection of the cellar, a comprehensive report has been prepared to discuss available options and make recommendations for the essential yet economical repairs. Minor disruption during the remedial works is unavoidable but 'there is no gain without pain'. This pain will be short-lived and the gain will preserve the integrity of the property for generations, allowing it to maintain its unblemished character in this picturesque area of the countryside.

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